To understand more about the impact of the Great Resignation on nonprofits, we have spoken with dozens of nonprofit CEOs through our cohort-based program, Leading for Impact®. CEOs have shared the challenges they’re facing and have offered some steps they’re taking around compensation, wellness, and culture to make their organizations places people want to come to—and stay.


Often under-resourced and constrained by restrictive grants, many nonprofits find that they lack the ability to pay sustainable wages even as their work has become more difficult.


Stressful during normal times, nonprofit work can be doubly so during time of crises. Whether it’s the weight of the work or the world’s compounding social issues, or both, the mental well-being of employees is top of mind for nonprofit CEOs.


It’s not surprising that the events of the last couple of years have inspired many to ask more of their work environments. People are seeking respect for and fulfillment from their work.

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