As a co-founder of Impact100 Philadelphia with my colleague Beth Dahle, I have worked in collective giving for the past 14 years. That means:

1. Thinking about member recruitment, engagement and management
This year, we have 454 women members who joined to have their individual donations pooled into our larger collective grants to nonprofits in the Philadelphia region.

2. Wrestling with how our grantmaking (that is, our members’ donations) can have the most impact
In 2022, we will award $435,000 in the form of unrestricted core mission grants of $100,000; operating grants of $50,000; and smaller no-application awards of $10,000 and $15,000 through our pilot Community Awards program.

3. Pursuing ways to engage as many perspectives as we can and advance equity
We always stay focused on our mission of engaging women in philanthropy, raising the profile of smaller nonprofits, and making our community more just, equitable and healthy for everyone.

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