How do you move from a board table vision to a broad-based collaboration?

After more than 20 years funding individual programs in its mission areas, The David and Lura Lovell Foundation began to focus on broad-based community, regional and national initiatives to change systems, address root causes, and build capacity in organizations focused on these things.

Using a combination of education, practical experience, and best practices from the field, we developed a seven step process to move from idea to initiative by learning, listening, building capacity, collaborating with partners, and checking for readiness all along the way.

Our 7-step process

Our process lends itself to foundations with small staff teams or volunteers, accommodates different paces and the use of outside consultants, and allows for the inevitable need to circle back or “refresh” as new information, players and ideas are identified.

  1. Scan the landscape
  2. Identify partners
  3. Survey key stakeholders
  4. Convene stakeholders
  5. Plan
  6. Request grant proposals
  7. Evaluate

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