As vice president, professional learning & family philanthropy, Kameron Green is a leader in developing and implementing professional learning and programs for Southern California Grantmakers.

Kameron innovated SCG’s programming to include a whole person model, acknowledging that we are whole people with brains, hearts, bodies, and lived experiences, working to bring about a just and compassionate world.

She ensures high-quality professional learning experiences, so SCG members can increase their knowledge, skills, competencies, career development, and networks. Kameron also curates content that involves racially and culturally varied practitioners in the arts, healing professions, spirituality, and diverse professional domains, infusing new perspectives into philanthropy.

Through the evolve leadership series, she’s spotlighted capacities and mindsets like gratitude, forgiveness, empathy, and perspective-taking, fundamentally shaping the efficacy of grantmaking work and philanthropic leadership.

Leading with boldness, determination and grace, Kameron’s built a strong group of family foundation practitioners who are committed to the learning and unlearning needed to dismantle systemic racism and uproot unwieldy and oppressive philanthropic practices.

She shows up for her Black peers and extended Black community, and has a vision for the field that is grounded in fierce love, gratitude, and persistence. She is an original thinker who works tirelessly to serve and uplift other BIPOC thinkers while supporting anyone committed to value-driven leadership.

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