It’s that time of year again—the days are getting warmer, daffodils and tulips in bloom, and for many, a bit of spring cleaning. Now, have you considered the same for your investment portfolio?

This ten step checklist can help:

  1. Has the organization’s risk tolerance changed?
  2. Is the return objective still valid?
  3. Have there been any changes to the organization’s operational investment constraints?
  4. Is the strategic asset allocation still appropriate?
  5. Does the actual asset allocation of each asset class fall within the target range?
  6. Is there enough diversification within each asset class?
  7. Is the portfolio’s liquidity in line with expectations?
  8. How has the portfolio performed in relation to its benchmark?
  9. How has each manager performed in relation to their benchmark?
  10. Is the portfolio of each manager consistent with their mandate?

Read the full article about cleaning up your investment portfolio by Brendan O’Connell at Exponent Philanthropy.