Global climate change may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but together, we can protect our planet. Join lifelong sustainable development champion Katie Gilman, Senior Representative, Wilderness Society Energy and Climate Program, as she shares her experience inspiring effective climate activism.

Q. Given your experience promoting sustainable development, what key messages have you found most effective in inspiring climate activism and policy change?

A. The climate narrative has not been an easy one to maintain over the years. When pushing for tangible change, it is essential that you tailor your messaging to local audiences. Every climate narrative needs to address local needs and local experiences. The key messages may vary slightly, but they must strike a balance between doom and gloom and solutions-oriented messaging that can inspire action. The science is real and not easy to swallow, but there are things we can do to act. It is essential that we maintain hope to inspire action.

Q. Why is it so important to bring together local leaders and government officials when determining climate policy?

A. Local leaders and advocates play a crucial role in supporting environmentally friendly reform by setting the stage for long-term, national policy.

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