The report Opportunities for Ocean-Climate Action in the United States provides a first-ever quantification of the potential for ocean-based climate solutions in the United States. This report provides independent, non-partisan analysis to inform efforts around ocean-based climate action at the federal and state level.

The report analyzes five areas of ocean-based action to mitigate climate change:

  • Offshore wind and other marine renewable energy deployment such as wave and tidal power, and ocean salinity energy technology;
  • Coastal “blue carbon” ecosystem protection, restoration, and cultivation;
  • Decarbonizing U.S. shipping, including efforts to reduce emissions from domestic shipping between U.S. ports as well as international shipping between U.S. ports and foreign ports on American vessels through zero-emission vessels and operational measures;
  • Fisheries and aquaculture efficiency improvements, including stronger fisheries management, vessel and refrigeration efficiency technology, low-emissions aquaculture operations and feeds—as well as dietary shifts toward seafood and away from meat consumption; and
  • Carbon dioxide storage below the seabed through a range of technologies that capture, transport, and store carbon dioxide captured from heavy polluting sources (such as power plants)

Access the full Ocean-Climate Action report at Our Shared Seas.