The story of philanthropy in the United States has not been fully told. Our historic Donors of Color community has the opportunity to re-organize and re-center the philanthropic conversation – together with ALL our communities of color. We are purposefully and strongly standing up with and for each other to combat the forces that have been used to divide us historically.

Donors of color have been largely absent from current donor networks that operate in the U.S., resulting in the development of policies and funding priorities that do not include our important life experiences, resources, and talent. The socio-political moment we are enduring demands that we do this work together, right now. The forces of white nationalism, racism, misogyny, nativism, and venal greed have been unleashed and fed. Wealth inequality is at an all time high, including in communities of color.

We – the Donors of Color Network – have the amazing opportunity to do things differently. We can build the party we want to be at!! We are building a network, in partnership with donors of color themselves, aligned around values that prioritize the concerns and leadership of communities of color.

We are building a community that centers joy, love, being in values-aligned and authentic relationships, and power.

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