Invest for Better (IFB) Circles are small communities of women who are committed to increasing their personal knowledge and participation in values-aligned and impact investing, and in helping their peers take charge of their assets and make change.

This toolkit is intended to help IFB Circle leaders launch and manage a group. It provides practical guidance on how to form a Circle, how to build a community of trust, and how to structure and manage Circle sessions. To make it easier for you, we provide sample materials for agendas, worksheets and educational resources.

The “Keys to Success” section identifies lessons learned about what makes a Circle successful.

The “Leader’s Role” section focuses on the recommended roles that the 1-3 host leaders should play in launching and managing a successful Circle.

The “Core Curriculum” section includes a proposed core curriculum for 6 Circle meetings, and additional ideas and resources for groups who elect to hold more meetings.

The “Worksheets and Sample Templates” section includes a multitude of worksheets and tools to be used or adopted by Circle leaders and members.

Download the full PDF below.