The “it takes a village” mentality forms the backbone of the modern giving circle — but what happens when we expand our borders and communicate with other villages?

Like the historic interactions between societies led to the wonders of the world as we know them today, interactions between giving circles lead to greater impact, education, and growth than any one circle can create alone.

Why should your giving circle interact with members from other circles?

Communication helps disseminate one circle’s learnings throughout the community.

No giving circle is an island — when we work with other circles, we open new avenues of communication. This allows us to share resources, educational opportunities, and more throughout our circle networks. For example, say your giving circle just put together a report of your findings over five years of making pooled gifts in your community. A new circle forms, led by a friend of yours, and you’re able to hand over that report as potential guidance while the new circle grows.

We benefit from each other’s learned experiences. 

There is a growing trend in giving circles formed around identity, like Denver African American Philanthropists and the Sex Worker Giving Circle. Our various identities make a major impact on our giving styles. By partnering with a giving circle whose learned experiences differ from ours, we are able to participate in richer discussions with varied viewpoints. Suddenly, we have a clearer picture of the issues we are working to change, and we’re able to make better informed decisions surrounding the organizations our circle supports.

By pooling (already pooled) resources, circles can amplify their impact. 

Finally, interactions with other giving circles present large opportunities for collective giving. If there is a particular campaign that resonates with your circle and another, you can join forces to make larger-scale donations to organizations. Furthermore, there is always a drastic need for funding during international emergencies like COVID-19 — where one giving circle may only be able to contribute so much to disaster relief, partnering with other circles in the community opens up our opportunities to make a difference.

Seeing each other succeed is the ultimate inspiration.

At the heart, people who join giving circles are changemakers. And when we see givers around the world making the change we want to see in the world, it’s an immediate boost of inspiration and motivation. There is no competition when it comes to giving circles: instead, we lift each other up, celebrate our collective successes, and offer guidance and support whenever needed. Together, we’re able to do so much more.

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