Before I joined Lacuna Giving Circle, there was a gap in my personal philanthropy that I couldn’t ignore. My husband—a high school teacher—and I—a nonprofit fundraiser—contributed to several causes we believed in. Until I joined my first giving circle, I didn’t fully appreciate the impact we could have when we give in tandem with others.

Giving circles hit on what we’re missing right now. So many everyday givers see the billionaires of the world and assume that because we don’t have as much to put forward, we can’t make a big enough impact.

Based on the power of giving circles, I can confidently say that is not true.

Lacuna Giving Circle is a devoted group of Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) LGBTQ+ community members who wanted to see significant change for our people. I took the membership plunge this spring, shortly after accepting the Director of Development and Partnerships role at Philanthropy Together, an organization devoted to the founding and growth of circles like Lacuna.

Immediately upon joining, I saw the advantages of giving circles like Lacuna. Because all members are from the AAPI LGBTQ+ community, our lived experiences automatically apply an authentic, intersectional lens to our collective giving and help surface new ways to reach and support local organizations. We amplify voices and stories from our communities and contribute to diverse representation in traditional philanthropy.

As giving circles, we can provide nimble, no-strings-attached funding to smaller organizations because we are free from the red tape and reporting requirements that can constrain larger foundations. This type of funding is precisely what community-based groups need to innovate, provide rapid, on-the-ground responses, and continue their important work.

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