As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, philanthropists are stepping forward in myriad ways to help address the many hardships this crisis has created.

The Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy is pleased to launch a hub for philanthropists looking to give not only financial resources, but also offer their time, talents, and connections to help individuals, businesses, health systems, and communities as they navigate the immediate effects of the burden.

The COVID-19 Philanthropy Hub curates the ways social investors can respond to the short-term health, economic, and social support needs in their own communities and well beyond. Over time, we will continue to add opportunities that address the intermediate and longer-term needs COVID-19 has laid bare.

This is the philanthropy’s opportunity to fill critical needs across our global community. Together, we can lessen the short-term burden. We must also keep our eyes on the future, and ensure the steps we are taking create a better world for the long haul.

See the full COVID-19 Philanthropy Hub.