The Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) is excited to announce the 2018 release of our annual High Impact Giving Guide, designed to help donors make a bigger difference with their philanthropic gifts. This year, as we celebrate CHIP’s 10th anniversary, we remain inspired by the work of the nonprofits that demonstrate daily how to create change. Our analysts have handpicked 14 distinct opportunities that you can act on immediately. We’ve organized the nonprofit profiles in this guide into three social cause areas donors have always cared about: healthpoverty, and education. We’ve also updated our Disaster Relief guide, highlighting how to help in the wake of multiple recent disasters.

When we launched CHIP 10 years ago, people asked us, “Why are you focused on how philanthropy could create greater social impact?” Much has changed in a decade. Today, we’re asked “How can we all achieve greater social impact?” The opportunities in this guide are one way to start and represent just a sampling of what’s available on our website. On behalf of our team, we hope this guide helps you translate your generosity and good intentions into high impact.

Explore the 2018 high impact giving guide here