We are in the throes of a global pandemic. As of this writing, cases of COVID-19 have been detected in 211 countries and territories, overburdening healthcare systems in countries as diverse as the U.S., Italy, Iran, Brazil, and India.

The most effective, widely implemented tool for containing the disease — social distancing — has shut down economies, leaving businesses shuttered, schools closed, millions without a livelihood, and people around the world isolated from both loved ones and those who would normally provide support. Against this backdrop, the question for individual donors and institutional grantmakers alike is: How can I help?

Here you’ll find our team’s answer to that question. For weeks, we have been reviewing hundreds of sources of information — including reports from public health institutions; mainstream media; first responder accounts; relevant historical evidence from past pandemics and disasters; CHIP’s network of grantmakers, nonprofits, and intermediaries; and real-time surveys, modeling, and data by academics and practitioners — to provide answers to that question. Our answers fall into the categories below.

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