Every crisis goes through phases. Right now, Turkish and Syrian people face urgent needs for rescue, shelter, medical care, and basic needs like food, water, and fuel. The following organizations each already had a presence in Turkey and/or Syria and are positioned to help.

Support pooled funds that can respond to evolving needs

In any humanitarian crisis, the situation on the ground can shift suddenly. Intermediary funds pool donations from many donors and have connections to grassroots organizations, businesses, and governments. As a result, they play a critical role in a crisis of this scale.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy‘s Ukraine and Syria fund supports earthquake-affected families and communities as they work to rebuild and recover, now and over a long period.

GlobalGiving has supported other nonprofits by connecting them to donors and companies since 2002. Donations to the Turkey and Syria earthquake fund support local partners in providing shelter, food, and clean water, health and psychosocial support, and access to education and economic assistance.

Fund nonprofits addressing medical needs

As search and rescue efforts continue, there is urgent need for surgical, medical, and trauma supplies and care.

International Medical Corps (IMC) has been working in Syria since 2008 to support 6.6 million displaced people inside Syria and another 5.5 million refugees in neighboring countries. The organization is responding in Syria and has sent an emergency response team to Turkey.

Meet basic needs like food, water, and fuel

Given the scale of destruction in Turkey and ongoing refugee crisis in Syria, there is an urgent need for food, safe drinking water, shelter, and transportation.

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