Multiple surveys over the past decade have revealed a trend of declining confidence in democracy among Americans. While many factors contribute to this growing sense that democracy is weakening, there are practical and thoughtful efforts underway to reverse these sentiments. The Center for High Impact Philanthropy’s “We the People: A Philanthropic Guide to Strengthening Democracy” creates a framework for anyone looking to strengthen the democratic system.

To assist donors who are ready to act immediately, CHIP will publish a supplement, “We the People: Nonprofits Making an Impact to Strengthen Democracy,” highlighting initiatives and organizations that are strengthening democracy through civic engagement and local media.

Philanthropic support for civic engagement and local media emerged as especially promising avenues for multiple reasons. We’ve conducted deep dives into how these examples support the five elements.

  1. Increasing Civic Engagement Civic engagement encompasses a broad range of activities related to democracy, from donating to charity to running for political office.
  2. Reinvigorating Local Media Healthy local media ecosystems are at the heart of all five elements of a well-functioning democracy.

Read through the full toolkit about strengthening democracy at The Center for High Impact Philanthropy.