How to find your Impact Giving Focus? As you get serious in your philanthropy, it's important to move away from the "peanut butter" approach: spreading resources thinly across many things. Finding (and sustaining) a focus to your giving will allow you to accomplish more. These resources can guide you through the considerations in finding your focus.

It reviewed dozens of effective approaches handpicked distinct opportunities that you can act on immediately. CHIP is the only university-based center with a singular focus on how philanthropy can achieve greater social impact. It defines positive social impact as a meaningful improvement in the lives of others and illustrate how donors can address the range of risks human beings face, from their earliest days on earth to adulthood. Take a look inside and see which causes and organizations match your passions!

As donors, you can equip low-income mothers in the U.S. or in the developing world with tools to keep themselves and their children healthy; provide disconnected youth with the capacity to return to school and get a job, or help homeless people with drug addictions find refuge and treatment.

There’s something for every budget. For example, $1 can provide food for 15 meals for those in need; $100 supplies a civics education for a student; $1,000 provides one year of transportation and utility payments for a person in transitional housing; and $100,000 helps educate a team of nurses to implement the Nurse-Family Partnership model in a new community.