Tameka Jones launched her business, Lip Esteem, in 2020 during the height of the pandemic and civil unrest. Chanda connected with Tameka to discuss Tameka’s entrepreneurial spirit, the decisions that led her to the beauty industry, and how she found healing through her artistry.

Tameka Jones is the Founder and CEO of Lip Esteem. She was featured as a small business owner in Season 6 of the Emmy-nominated television series, The Small Business Revolution.

After honing her skills for twenty years as a makeup artist, Saint Paul native Tameka took control of her destiny, launching Lip Esteem in July 2020, right in the midst of COVID-19 and civil unrest in the Twin Cities. Starting as a vendor at a local farmer’s market along Lake Street, Tameka was amazed at the interest and support of the community, steadily growing her customer base. Since March 2020, Tameka has also participated in and completed three startup cohorts – Neighborhood Development Center, Lunar Startup, and Fearless Commerce.

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