Balancing privilege with responsibility is no small feat. And then, after you miraculously have figured it out for yourself, how do you pass this wisdom down to your next generation? In this blog, I will highlight what I mean by privilege and then share a few examples of the responsibility that comes along with it. This is obviously a large and complex topic—I merely am skimming the surface.

It is a lot of pressure to be a recognized, value-adding member of society, but is also incredibly rewarding. Because I grew up in the foundation world, responsibility to me also meant giving back and staying true to the family legacy. My community became my third responsibility, after myself and my family. Advice was given to me early on. For instance, while serving on nonprofit boards, make sure you’re a good board member. Come to each meeting prepared. Do not bail on your board commitment during times of trouble. Be on time (I struggle with this one). Last, always add value to each organization that you serve, and each person you meet, no matter who they are.

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