Providing for children not only involves ensuring that they have clothes on their backs, roofs over their heads, and food in their stomachs, it also requires that families supply a sense of appreciation for their gifts, monetary and otherwise, and the desire to share those gifts with others.

But when should parents begin teaching children about philanthropy? If children are too young to understand wealth, fiscal responsibility or monetary value, how does a parent convey the value and importance of charitable giving?

Presented here are six timeless tips for teaching your children about philanthropy, including how to help them turn that education into a lifelong habit of giving.

  • Begin the tradition of giving as soon as your child begins receiving
  • Make philanthropy a family affair
  • Support your community’s philanthropic education initiatives
  • Explore causes your children are passionate about
  • Identify a philanthropic mentor or hero
  • Be your child’s philanthropic hero

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