For any role, it is crucial to not only understand what is expected of you, but to also feel a sense of belonging and connection to your peers. Beyond being a source of support, peers can help you wrestle with tough questions, challenge you to shift your mindsets and practices, and provide insights on lessons learned. NCFP is a network that explores what is possible through philanthropy and to activate the practices that contribute to effective change, together. At NCFP, one way you can find your community is through Peer Networks.

Peer Networks are groups of colleagues with similar roles or interests that come together to explore common issues and experiences in family philanthropy. Peer Networks provide our members with opportunities to learn and connect through candid conversations and practical takeaways. Meetings are not recorded, allowing attendees to have honest discussions. Each network is chaired by family philanthropy practitioners who lend their time and expertise to develop programs and facilitate conversations for the network. We are so grateful for our volunteers. It is their commitment to fostering a supportive learning community that helps make NCFP a space where we can all learn and grow together.

Read on to learn more about the Peer Networks we offer and how you can participate.

Board Chair Peer Network

Board chairs play an instrumental role in family philanthropy. They are facilitators and strategists, listeners and leaders, often for a board that includes many of their own family members. This network is a space for chairs to share best practices and successful approaches to board leadership, address common challenges, and build relationships with colleagues.

Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network

This network is designed for next generation, adult family members (approximately ages 21-45). In multi-generational family philanthropy efforts, the rising generation has an opportunity to bring new expertise, fresh ideas, and renewed energy to their family’s giving. The Emerging Family Leaders Peer Network provides a space for members to advance their philanthropic knowledge and develop leadership skills as they engage in their family’s philanthropy.

Engaging Youth Peer Network

For many families, deciding when and how to thoughtfully engage children and youth (ages 8-21) in their philanthropy is top of mind. Participants in this network gather to share resources and effective strategies for inspiring and engaging youth in philanthropy.

Non-family Staff Peer Network

Non-family staff leaders play a unique role, often serving as a conduit between board and staff and leading day-to-day operations. Network members share challenges and successes, addressing both evergreen and timely topics.

Rural Funders Peer Network

The Rural Funders Peer Network provides a space for learning and discussion for philanthropic families working in rural areas, including those funding in rural Tribal places. This peer network offers philanthropic families who are placed-based rural funders a chance to learn from each other, share experiences of best practices for working in rural areas, discuss tactics and strategies, and connect with funding and partnering opportunities to leverage their investments and increase their impact. We recognize that community foundations play a vital role in the rural funding ecosystem and invite community foundation staff who work with philanthropic families to join the Rural Funders Peer Network as well.

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