Much has been written about the “next generation” and its integration into family philanthropy. How will they get involved? Will their philanthropic initiatives look different from those of their parents and grandparents? What tools and resources can help them be most effective?

Nini Meyer was raised in a family that held philanthropy as a core value. From an early age, she observed her parents and her grandmother as they supported nonprofits in their communities and beyond. Her mother has been a trustee of their family’s foundation for many years, and Nini took on the role of trustee of one of the family’s charitable trusts nearly 10 years ago.

Even with this level of involvement, philanthropy remained at “arm’s length” to Nini in many respects—it was a meaningful thread, but one that lacked a passionate, personal connection. That all changed when Nini saw first-hand the power of an emotionally charged, forward looking and professionally organized effort. Her philanthropic epiphany happened organically—outside of a boardroom—through an experience that demanded support and commitment beyond traditional charitable giving. Read more about Nini's story, and that of her youth-centric nonprofit, Positive Tracks.

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