A Broadway inspired guide to family philanthropy that you didn’t know you needed.

1: Take a shot!
Even if you’re young or scrappy (or both), you still have a shot to make a big change in your community.

2: Figure out what would be enough.
When you set clear and reasonable expectations together with your board members, grantees, and staff you’ll achieve significantly more satisfaction with their contributions to the work.

3: Always find time to take a break.
Spend time with family, celebrate their accomplishments, and get to know each other outside of foundation work.

4: Learn how to say no.
Agree on what the foundation will say no to so you don’t find yourself in sticky situations.

5: Let your partners into the "room where it happens."
Establish clear and transparent grantmaking guidelines and offer grantee feedback.

6: Teach them how to say goodbye.
Make sure you document what you’ve learned and what wisdom you’ve earned so that your successors will carry on your vision when you’re gone.

7: Tell your story.
At the end of the day, the story of your donors will motivate your family to continue your work, legacy, and progress.

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