How does Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropy compare to that of other living donors? What percentage did he spend supporting social justice organizations and marginalized communities? What does his charitable giving say about he would run the country.

These and other related questions were discussed last Friday, Feb. 28, as NCRP’s Aaron Dorfman moderated one hour online discussion entitled “Bloomberg’s Billions: Philanthropy, Power and Politics.” Check it out below if you missed it.

Dorfman was joined by a panel of experts that included Inside Philanthropy’s David Callahan, Black Votes Matter Executive Director LaTosha Brown and Farhad Ebrahimi of the Chorus Foundation. Publicly available 2012-2016 domestic data compiled by NCRP Director of Research Ryan Schlegel and unveiled by Dorfman during the discussion noted that Bloomberg trailed other living billionaires in the percentage of giving that went to a number of groups, including, African Americans, women and girls and the disabled.

The percentages of giving to marginalized communities and social justice organizations were also far off NCRP’s benchmarks of 50% and 25% for marginalized groups and social justice groups respectively.

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