It’s still early in the COVID-19 crisis, yet many funders have already taken important steps to support grantees.

Dozens of community foundations have established rapid response funds, which will be hugely important. Kudos to Seattle Foundation for being the first.

Many private foundations have indicated they will be flexible with grantees and that grantees should contact them to renegotiate timelines and deliverables.

That flexibility is good. However, the 3 commitments I’ve been most impressed with so far are listed below. They’re notable to me because they’re specific and don’t require each grantee to go to the funder and negotiate changes one at a time.

My favorites are:

  • Providing an extra year of funding
  • Converting all project grants to general operating support
  • Accelerating payments on already-approved grants

Read the full article about funding responses to COVID-19 by Aaron Dorfman at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.