The staff at the Pink House Foundation (PHF) have really done their colleagues an invaluable service by detailing their racial justice efforts on the editorial pages of Inside Philanthropy.

In Answering the Call: One Foundation’s Approach to Shifting Power and Funding Racial Justice,” Hanna Mahon and Luke Newton discuss how the foundation positioned themselves to shift power and equitably fund racial justice.

Why is this important? Theories and related models of change often stay on the pages of proposals and in the minds of experts and academics if they can’t find a way from people’s imaginations to the real world. People may aspire to do good, but unless they see it in action, even the most passionate of leaders will find themselves thinking that a better world is beyond their reach.

So what better way to make these lessons learned more real than by breaking down some of the important steps they took to do this using our Power Moves lens.

  • Equitable power relationships are a key to social justice
  • Shifting Power Starts with Building the Power of Others 
  • Leadership Requires Learning from What Others Have Achieved '

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