For trans and gender expansive communities, the dollars dedicated by philanthropy comes woefully short. According to Funders for LGBTQ Issues, for every $1 million awarded by the sector, just $400 are allocated for transgender/nonbinary people, with $88 set aside for transgender/nonbinary health and well-being, and just under $11.44 was for sexual and reproductive health for trans and nonbinary people. Meanwhile, each year about $448 of every $1 million given by US foundations goes just to Harvard alone.

The lack of support goes beyond money. Philanthropy has long been a catalyst for cis-gender leaders of the sector to create narratives from the margins we do not sit at, and it is time to disrupt that through wielding and yielding both our power and our platforms.

So, this section of the road map will follow the abortion of We Testify storyteller Nick, as they share the moments leading up to their abortion and experience behind clinic doors as a transgender person.

Read the full article about reproductive healthcare for trans and non-binary communities at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.