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Baltimore Schools’ Mission: Help Students Cope with Trauma 
Baltimore’s “trauma-sensitive” public lower and middle schools are helping kids work through the everyday effects of witnessing violence in their communities.

L.G.B.T.Q. Rights Cases Stall Under DeVos, Report Finds 
Reports show that under Betsy DeVos’ leadership, the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has been far more likely to dismiss discrimination claims filed by LGBTQ students than the previous administration.

All the Ways Student Debt Exacerbates Racial Inequality — ‘It’s Like Landing in Quick Sand’
Student debt is not only a generational experience, as college tuition costs more today than it ever has before, but a racial experience that is both a “cause and consequence of racial inequality”.

To Solve Youth Homelessness We Must Make Race Part of the Equation
Sarah Carter Narendorf, a professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, and Charles Batiste, a youth advocate and research assistant with lived experience of homelessness, write that we must address institutional racism if we ever hope to improve the homelessness crisis in America.

Want to Reduce College Costs? High Schools Can Help. 
Taking classes for college credit in high school can help make college more accessible to low-income youth.