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The state of America’s student-teacher racial gap: Our public school system has been majority-minority for years, but 80 percent of teachers are still white
“Although America is becoming more diverse each year, and is expected to have a majority-minority population by 2044, the teaching force is not keeping up with the changing racial makeup of America’s children. Elementary and secondary school teachers form a group far whiter and more female than the students in their classrooms, despite a strong body of research that indicates that a diverse teaching staff benefits students of all races.”

The invisible signs to look for on the first day of school
Andre Perry, a Rubenstein Fellow at the Brookings Institute, urges teachers to look out for signs of students struggling with financial insecurity at the start of the new school year, explaining that problems stemming from poverty like hunger and unstable living environments can affect students’ grades.

We dated in high school — but when I went to college, he became homeless
University of Washington student Emma Scher recounts the story of how her high school boyfriend became homeless, showing how easy it is for young people to slip through the cracks during times of transition and hardship.

Teaching For Black Lives book presents ideas for empowering marginalized students
“Being intentional about empowering marginalized students to be bold, brave and unabashed is important, especially at this moment in Trump’s America.”

Teaching for Black Lives offers suggestions for solutions to raise the achievement and awareness of Black students.