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Opinion: 1.3 Million Students are Homeless. Here's How We Can Help Them
Raikes Foundation Co-Founder Tricia Raikes and Civic Enterprise CEO John Bridgeland co-byline an op-ed on the Education Leads Home campaign to improve graduation rates for the $1.3 million homeless students in America’s public schools.

Rebuilding the Inequitable Foundation of American Education
“No superficial remodel of this system can possibly overcome a cracked and rotting foundation”: Watch Raikes Foundation Program Officer Lindsay Hill’s TED Talk on what it will take to correct the systemic inequities in American education.

Students of Color, Disabled Likelier to Face School Discipline - With Lasting Effects 
Minnesota state officials are investigating violations of the Minnesota Human Rights Act due to students of color and disabled students being disciplined at higher rates their peers in school.

The Student Loan Debt Crisis is a Civil Rights Issue 
Wade Henderson, founding board member of the Center for Responsible Lending, argues that the rising cost of tuition and the increase in student loan debt is a Civil Rights Issue.