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Writing Raps Helps Reduce Recidivism in Youth of Color
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange examines the need for reentry programs specifically designed for youth of color in order to reduce recidivism rates and takes a closer look at an effective hip-hop-centric reentry program.

One Ohio School’s Quest to Rethink Bad Behavior
The Atlantic chronicles how an Ohio elementary school has responded to behavior issues by training teachers to appropriately address students’ past trauma.

Figure Skating Program Transforms Black and Latina Girls From Harlem and Detroit Into Champions on Ice & in School — and Beyoncé’s a Fan
The 74 Million writes about Figure Skating in Harlem and Figure Skating in Detroit, sister programs committed to supporting young inner-city girls in their athletic and academic pursuits. The programs promote diversity and success in competitive figure skating as much as they focus on supporting dedication to studies in the humanities, STEM, leadership, and other academic areas.

A Black Student at Yale Was Napping in a Common Area, and a White Student Called the Police
The New York Times reports that a Black student at Yale was accosted by police after a white student called to complain about his presence in a common area, marking another instance of a person of color facing disparate and unjust levels of scrutiny by police.