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Youth Homelessness starts at Age 14 on average on Hawaii's most populous island
In Oahu, the average age that youth homelessness begins is 14, according to a study done by the University of Hawaii's Center on the Family, Waikiki Health and Hale Kipa.

Education report: Southern states need to get faster at closing achievement gaps
There is a still a wide achievement gap between wealthy white students and minority low-income students in the American South, according to the report.

DeVos at the one-year mark: Black Lives Matter in schools; zero tolerance
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has rolled back Obama-era regulations, making it harder for students to claim loan fraud by for-profit universities and protecting individuals accused of sexual assault.

The many meanings of Black Panther's mask
This New York Times article dives into what it means that white and black children will both want to wear the Superhero Black Panther's mask. Actor Sterling K. Brown says, “This Halloween, the first time I see a little kid, a white kid, dressed up as Black Panther, I’m taking a picture. You better believe I’m taking a picture, because that’s the crossover.”

Pre-K education lifts all children
Former Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess argues in the Seattle Times that pre-K is important for all children to be better prepared for school and should be accessible to all students regardless of family income.