So much has changed for all of us during this difficult time, and we find ourselves needing to adjust to a “new normal” every day. Just the idea of a trip to the grocery store is now a strange and somewhat frightening experience.

In this most challenging of times, we are facing anxiety, fear, loneliness, social isolation, and disruption on many levels. Yet, despite all that is happening, I am in awe of how resilient we are — how people are responding with grace and kindness, doing what we can to take care of our families, friends, neighbors, communities, and planet. Physicians and nurses say they are seeing an outpouring of support to help meet needs for protective equipment and other health care resources. Education groups are sending books and offering free online resources to low-income families. Arts organizations are finding ways to bring joy to people's lives through technology. Mental health agencies are reinventing how they are serving clients. The list goes on and on.

Among nonprofit organizations, it is amazing to see so much creativity, resourcefulness, and desire to come together to find solutions. In the face of tremendous challenges, organizations are finding ingenious ways to do the work that is so urgently needed. And the philanthropic community and business leaders are stepping up in countless ways to support grantees, address unmet needs, and help us all get through this uncharted territory.

Philanthropy has an important role to play in addressing the immediate and long-term implications of this crisis at home and abroad. To help you sort through some of the options today, TPI has compiled a list of selected COVID-19 resources and newly created relief funds on our website.

We invite you to share additional resources and ideas for how we can be most helpful. Please reach out to anyone on our team to explore opportunities to help, share other resources, or discuss any concerns or questions you might have.

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