Who are you? You were born in a country. You have a gender and race, even it isn't clear on your face. You had parents, at least when you took your first pace. You have a resume and experience of which you might be proud and many more assets to which you are endowed. You have a personality and talents as many can attest. But does that define you, the you that you are at your best?

Some day you will be gone and laid to rest. Your personality, your talents, your resume, and the rest. What will be left? What will be you when the you we know is a distant memory at best?

When you look past the ego and choose courage over fear, what emerges under that veneer?

Purpose. Your why. It is the reason you try when the odds are against you and there is no reward. It is the impact you make that will ripple on. It is the you that will surf until long after the rest of you is no longer true.

It is your purpose, but one that you share with millions of others if only they dare. It resides at your core and directs your path when you listen and aren't distracted by unneeded cash.

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