Help feed the hungry & reduce food waste in San Jose/Santa Clara County

Peninsula Food Runners - Santa Clara County


Please sign up at www.peninsulafoodrunners.org or call us at 408-726-2742.

Are you looking for a satisfying and flexible volunteer opportunity? Peninsula Food Runners is a volunteer organization dedicated to alleviating hunger and reducing food waste since 2013. Ten years now!

We are seeking new volunteers in the San Jose and Santa Clara area.
We invite you to join us in feeding the hungry. Peninsula Food Runner volunteers pick up excess perishable and prepared food from participating Donors (restaurants, corporate cafeterias, supermarkets, etc.), and then deliver the food directly to our Recipients (shelters, affordable housing, community food pantries, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.).

Did you know we waste 40% of the food we produce in this country? Starting 2022, the SB 1383 bill requires restaurants, supermarkets, etc. to donate their excess food instead of throwing it out. This is exciting: it means there will be even more surplus food available to donate to those in need! We seek more weekday drivers in Santa Clara County to transport the food to local non-profits which feed the hungry. Peninsula Food Runners works with donors and recipients in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties (from South San Francisco to San Jose to Half Moon Bay).

Check out our video on our website explaining what we do: www.peninsulafoodrunners.org

Also check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PeninsulaFoodRunners

Weekday and weekend food runs (shifts) normally take less than 60-90 minutes. Use our ChowMatch.com website or app to find food runs that fit your schedule. Come join our team of volunteers! Go to www.peninsulafoodrunners.org and register under Volunteer Sign-Up. When you sign up, be sure to save your password! Also, be sure to read the food safety guidelines and take the food safety quiz to complete your registration. For more info, contact Hoai-An (pronounced 'Why-Ann) at ht@peninsulafoodrunners.org or 408-726-2742.

Once you sign up, use our ChowMatch.com website and/or phone app to view opportunities that fit your schedule, sign up for food runs, notify us of your vacation time, etc.

ChowMatch.com login page - https://www.chowmatch.com/login.php

Download ChowMatch app - https://www.chowmatch.com/features/ - (at bottom of page)

Check out the wonderful video about our work!

We hit the front page of the Mercury News on Thanksgiving Day!


  • We get many last minute requests to rescue food that might go to waste and deliver it to those in need. If you can be available on short notice, please validate your mobile number and check the box for last minute runs. You can help get this food to those in need, and prevent it from going to waste!
  • Also, if you want text reminders for the runs you sign up for, you must validate your mobile number.
  • If you have a larger vehicle (SUV, truck or van), please indicate that.
  • You can volunteer for a regular weekly or biweekly food run. You can also sign up for a one time run.
  • You can volunteer as an individual, with family, co-workers or friends. (For insurance reasons, each volunteer over 18 years of age needs to sign up separately.)
Together we can feed the hungry! And even significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process!

Thanks for your interest!
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  • Food Delivery / Distribution


  • Driver's License Needed
  • Time Commitment:flexible / varies
  • Other Requirements:1) Read the Food Safety Guidelines and complete the quiz. (Hint: the items in RED in the guidelines will help you complete the food safety quiz!) 2) You will receive a verification email. Open it, follow the instructions to verify your email address.
  • Minimum Age:18

About the Organization

Volunteer organization that picks up excess food from businesses (restaurants, caterers, schools, corporations) and delivers it to nonprofit recipients (food pantries, shelters, transitional housing, 100% affordable housing) in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Peninsula Food Runners relies on volunteers to be successful. You can volunteer for a regular weekly food run, or choose from a variety of open runs available daily up to two weeks in advance on our automated scheduling system.

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