Giving Compass' Take:

• Blockchain is creating a flexible and robust financial system for the developing world, circumventing the large financial institution banking model.

• Can blockchain and cryptocurrency maintain robust growth over the next decade?

• Watch a webinar about blockchain for development.

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency, and the technology that powers it, blockchain, has burst into the mainstream on many levels. Much the same can be said for social entrepreneurship and impact investing. The social impact economy is real and it is absolutely coming. According to the World Economic Forum the social impact economy could reach a market size of between US $400 billion and US $1 trillion by 2020. This is an amazing and inspiring number.

Below are already some amazing ventures looking at blockchain as a true path to connecting the world through social impact and being transparent in doing so. As the world becomes more and more integrated into the internets eco-system, more and more will soon be integrated into the blockchain and create a more efficient world:

  1. Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition
  2. Impak Coin(MPK)
  3. GiveTrack/BitGive
  4. Akcoin
  5. Plastic Bank
  6. The Roots Token
  7. ixo Foundation
  8. Watercoin
  9. Everex
  11. Blue Whale Foundation
  12. Alice
  13. Clean Water Coin
  14. Everledger – Diamond Time Lapse
  15. Amply

Read the full article and learn more about these impactful ventures by Grant Trahant at Causeartist.