Case Study #1: World Food Program — Syrian Refugees, Jordan

The World Food Program (WFP) is increasingly delivering assistance in the form of cash transfers, and has been trialling blockchain as a means of making these transfers more efficient, transparent and secure. WFP built and implemented a more robust blockchain system in refugee camps in Jordan. As of October 2018, more than 100,000 people residing in camps redeem their cash-for-food assistance through the blockchain-based, Building Blocks, system.

Case Study #2: Alice Funding Platform — St Mungo’s, United Kingdom

Alice is a social funding platform that uses results-based financing to incentivise charities by only paying them when specific goals are achieved. Sharing impact data on the platform is expected to significantly reduce due diligence and reporting costs, and help social organisations collaborate more effectively.

Case Study #3: Amply — School Subsidies, South Africa

The Amply mobile app enables schools to automatically gather their attendance data and submit it to the Department of Social Development. Underlying the app is blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts, through which a third-party evaluator can verify the claim of attendances made by the service provider.Amply reports that it has saved teachers over 4,000 hours every month.

Case Study #4: BitGive — Chandolo Primary School Water Project, Kenya

BitGive has been accepting bitcoin for crowdfunding charitable projects since 2013. Donors can donate bitcoin directly to BitGive or to specific projects on their donation platform, GiveTrack. Successful projects include the Chandolo Primary School Water Project in Kenya that raised BTC 1.2 (approx. US$15,000) in January 2018 to build a rainwater catchment tank, latrines and training.

Case Study #5: AIDChain — AidPay and AidCoin Cryptocurrency

AIDChain is a giving platform that charities can use to promote projects, collect and manage donations. AIDChain is developing multiple blockchain-based solutions to make donations trackable and efficient in the charity space.

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