Microbiome therapeutics, Photoshop for augmented reality, and cancer treatments were some of the ideas presented at Day 2 of startup accelerator Y Combinator’s  Winter 2018 Demo Day.

Investors say that valuations for post-Demo Day raises have risen steeply recently. Some speculate that people who made a fortune on cryptocurrency are trying to invest their returns elsewhere, driving up demand for YC startups.

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Callisto is a sexual misconduct reporting software built for victims.

The company’s product works by asking people who are looking to report a perpetrator to give certain unique identifiers, like a LinkedIn profile or phone number. If two victims name the same perpetrator, they are put in touch with each other and then with an “options counselor,” a lawyer who can give them options on how to proceed in handling the situation.

Bump is a peer-to-peer streetwear marketplace.

It’s the “eBay for Generation Z.” They’ve been rapidly building an online community and achieved $25,000 revenue on $430,000 GMV already in the month of March. They claim to be profitable and also have a user community that’s engaged.

Gainful makes personalized protein shakes.

Most protein shakes are designed for and marketed to male jocks and bodybuilders. Gainful has customers take a five-minute health quiz, then get personalized shakes delivered. 80K people have taken the quiz, building a huge health data archive for the startup.

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