Giving Compass' Take:

• Getting Smart highlights 8 reasons why students should share and showcase their works in schools and talked to teachers about how student engagement increases when students share their learning.

• In what ways can schools and educators promote engagement outside of the classroom? 

Here's an article on how student engagement is a successful element of school redesign. 

Around the country, teachers have committed to sharing their students’ learning. Through student-led conferences, exhibitions, and presentations of learning, teachers recognize the value of making learning public. In our first two posts in this series, we learned how an elementary school teacher and an organization are working to make student learning public. We recently put out an open call to teachers to learn how they are sharing student learning, and were thrilled with the responses. We’ve compiled the top eight reasons teachers and students believe their work should be shared, and we hope their experiences inspire you to join the Share Your Learning movement.

  1. Students are more engaged, more excited to demonstrate learning, more motivated to do their best work.
  2. Become more confident.
  3. Students secretly loved having an audience.
  4. Students are more motivated and take more pride in their work if they know it will be showcased.
  5. They recognize the value of having a voice and the responsibility that comes with that.
  6. It shows them they have a voice, and they are capable of producing meaningful, authentic, high-quality work.
  7. The work they do is meaningful. It is real.
  8. It is important for my students to see their capabilities with learning and how hard work can culminate into something great.

Read the full article on reasons why students should share and showcase their work by Janice Walton at Getting Smart.