Giving Compass' Take:

• Emma Hinchcliffe highlights the launch of AllVoices, a social startup created by Claire Schmidt last year that helps individuals report sexual harassment that happen in the workplace. 

• The model is unique because it uses a third-party system for reporting problems instead of reporting directly to the company. How will this model help to maintain anonymity and an unbiased process? 

• Read about other tools available for women that are victims of sexual harassment at work. 

Even before Harvey Weinstein kicked off this wave of actual consequences for sexual harassment, Claire Schmidt was thinking about how to create a platform that would help victims.

Schmidt, launched the startup AllVoices last year, which is a web platform will let people anonymously report their experiences of sexual harassment at work, and will in turn aggregate that data to give companies insights on the true scale of the problem.

Companies will receive a report from AllVoices that tells them how many reports the platform has received about harassment at their organization. From there, companies can sign up to receive further detailed insights. AllVoices wants companies to be able to track culture metrics in the same way they can track financial performance or other, in business-speak, KPIs.

It's a much-needed third option for victims of sexual harassment besides making their experiences public through litigation or in the press. For victims of harassment whose harassers aren't high-profile enough to warrant news coverage, a platform like this is basically the only other option besides taking legal action.

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