In March, on International Women’s Day, President Biden issued an executive order to establish the Gender Policy Council and create our country’s first-ever national gender strategy “as a matter of human rights, justice, and fairness.” The council's recommendations for legislative and policy changes, both domestically and internationally, are expected to land on his desk any day now.

The aim of a coordinated strategy is to advance gender equity through a wide range of topics, including economic security, health, education, foreign policy, climate change and gender-based violence, among others. If it seems like a wide web, that’s because every policy issue must be approached with gender and intersectional lens for it to be truly transformative. Gender equity must be integrated with our efforts to advance racial equity, since women of color face even greater systemic hurdles. It also needs to include equality for transgender women and girls, gender-nonconforming people and LGBTQ+ people because it needs to focus on people who experience multiple forms of discrimination and bias. In our move forward, we want to go far, we want to go fast — and this time, we won’t leave anyone behind.

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