Addressing racial healing is a challenging task that requires a variety of strategies.

To move towards racial healing, it is essential to acknowledge past injustices and their ongoing effects, to develop relationships based on mutual respect, and to value the strengths and uniqueness of Native communities.

At Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP), we offer and point to several strategies and resources to pull from to further philanthropy’s racial healing.

  • Investing in Research and Data to Advance Equity in Philanthropy  One of the most impactful ways that philanthropy can support racial healing is to invest in research and  data practices led by Indigenous people. Such investments are a powerful tool in advancing Indigenous data sovereignty work, which is fundamental to the future of Indigenous communities.
  • Investing in Movements and Organizing Networks Foundations may find themselves wanting to engage with prominent voices around specific issues. However, they must decide where their leverage lies with the public narrative. It may not necessarily include acting as a public messenger or increasing their own prominence in the field. Instead, foundations can help shift a narrative by leveraging resources to quickly fund Indigenous organizers and movements.
  • Intentional Relationship Building is Key to Effective Philanthropy Funders hold significant power in their ability to support communities, but this power can often be wielded in ways that undermine the strengths and leadership of those communities. A crucial perspective is to view Indigenous communities by their strengths, recognizing that while we may have needs, we also possess incredible potential for philanthropic collaboration and partnership.
  • Philanthropy and Policy: A Partnership for Racial HealingTo achieve meaningful policy change that positively impacts Indigenous communities, a coordinated effort is needed to raise awareness of crucial issues. This requires flexible investment in a diverse array of organizations that can empower community leadership to re-frame issues, form coalitions, advocate for increased funding, and drive policy change. 

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