Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for Medium, Denise Tambanis identifies the problems in charitable giving and explains how blockchain could help resolves these issues. 

· What is blockchain? How is this approach being used in the nonprofit sector? 

· Check out this article about the risks and opportunities of blockchain for philanthropy

As a promising but early-stage technology, blockchain is surrounded by hype and misinformation. It’s frustrating and hard to know where to begin learning about how blockchain can be used, especially when it comes to the social impact space. I wanted to avoid the hype by looking for real-world applications of blockchain that are being used today, right now, to see how organisations are currently using blockchain technology to improve lives around the world. This is the first of a series of articles I am writing for the Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation on how blockchain can be used for social impact.

For this article, I searched for and found five blockchain initiatives that are improving transparency and efficiency across the charitable giving sector. Many of these projects are still at the pilot stage of partnering with charities and non-government organisations to collect data and test the technology. Nonetheless, they are already showing the types of problems that blockchain can solve and where this technology is moving. While blockchain continues to evolve and many risks remain, it is inspiring to see what is already being done with the technology and to start thinking about the opportunities ahead.

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