Giving Compass' Take:

• Jazzmine Raine talks with Kelsey White, co-founder of Sustainable Travel Network, about building a sustainable travel industry post-pandemic in this podcast from Causeartist. 

• How can donors help fund companies who make giving back inspiring and exciting by incorporating travel experience? What will be the biggest challenges post-pandemic?

• Here’s how to be an effective philanthropic traveler. 

Sustainable Travel Network is a community of sustainable travel leaders breaking the silos of the industry and fostering collaboration across the sector.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on India have been devastating, especially as we have watched our beloved tourism industry crumble before us.

However, as travel begins to open up in India and around the world, this is our opportunity as leaders in travel to create the new normal and a sustainable base for the tourism industry to thrive.

As we prepare to open registration for our 2020 Tourism Shala, we wanted to come together again to discuss the current challenges India’s tourism industry is facing, and how STN is focused on collaboration for creating sustainable solutions to rebuild the industry post-pandemic.

Listen in as Kelsey and I dive into:

  • The need for diverse voices to be heard during a time of rebuilding
  • The advantage we have right now to build a sustainable industry
  • What to expect from the 2020 Tourism Shala for domestic and international organizations working in India’s tourism industry

Read the full article about sustainable travel industries post-pandemic by Jazzmine Raine at Causeartist.