It is unequivocal: Human activities have caused the climate crisis and human activities are absolutely vital to prevent further, worsening catastrophe. We need to act urgently. We need to act as individuals and communities, as organisations and as a sector.

What is also unequivocal is this: in the same way that the coronavirus pandemic exacerbated existing inequalities around the world, so too has the environmental crisis (and it will continue to). Groups already experiencing disadvantage are more likely to be exposed to the effects of climate change, more likely to be susceptible to greater damage, and less likely to be able to cope or recover.

The Climate Crew is a group of six emerging leaders from across the social sector, representing areas including young people, housing, social enterprise support, disability and social care, equality, diversity, inclusion, and the environment. As varied as our missions and organisations are, we are all committed to standing up for what is right. Together, we were captivated by this simple question: What is the social sector’s role here?

And so we have set out to unearth what is being done, what isn’t being done, and why. What’s more, we set sail on a course to explore how our sector might take more proactive, collective action.

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