Thinking outside the box has historically yielded some fantastic results, and this isn’t limited to the business world. Several innovators have taken the nontraditional ethos and applied it to the charity sphere with very encouraging results. Their imaginative methods and heartening results set a new example for philanthropy in the modern era. The following are just a few organizations whose innovative work I’ve found inspiring and thought provoking:

Seeding Labs: There are brilliant doctors around the world, but unfortunately, not all have access to the resources that allow for the most groundbreaking and innovative research. Seeding Labs arranges for donation of modern equipment to underfunded medical labs in the Caribbean, Africa, Southeast Asia and others so that they can carry out their research. The donation doesn’t end with delivery of a machine; Seeding Labs also provides follow-up services and assessments of the benefit as well as mentorship and networking opportunities.

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Jeff Greenstein is an American investment manager, entrepreneur, active philanthropist and art collector.