When we ushered in 2020 a year ago, none of us could have imagined what the next 12 months would bring.  We began the year with the usual and customary revelry, resolutions, and hopes for the future. Two months in, we were on the verge of what would be the beginning of an almost total nationwide lockdown.  It was a precautionary measure to slow the transmission of a deadly disease abbreviated as ‘COVID-19’.  We are now hopeful that, 10 months into the pandemic, we are turning a corner and nearing the end of an unprecedented set of circumstances.

2020 had extreme lows and highs.  There was enormous sadness for families who lost loved ones due to the virus, and millions who, as a consequence of the pandemic, became unemployed as businesses closed or implemented reductions in force.  Conversely, there was an outpouring of generosity, which we at Charity Navigator saw firsthand.  Charitable giving was above and beyond our expectations.

Although we are hopefully optimistic, we cannot be presumptuous in our expectations that this year will see a repeat of the overwhelming financial support presented to nonprofits.  But, we'd like to harness what we saw last year to encourage donors to commit what they can, and in a manner that allows them to shift their thinking from being more of a casual donor to a committed investor in the causes they care most about.

Here’s what we’d suggest you consider as you map out your philanthropic strategy in 2021:

  • Be selective and intentional.
  • Do your research, but without comprehension, it will be largely unhelpful.
  • Become a sustaining donor and you’ll be a charity’s best friend.

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