Giving Compass' Take:

• A video at The Aspen Institute covers issues facing American workers during COVID-19 and offers a plan for redesigning a workplace of security and equity.

• What have we learned from the pandemic about the need for a workplace of security in the United States? What are you doing to support the protection of displaced workers, both now and in the future?

• Look for resources to guide you as we push through the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a range of challenges to workers in America. Essential workers have been left without basic protections while others struggle with care responsibilities working from home. Unprecedented millions have become unemployed while others face long hours providing needed services.

How can we address these immediate challenges while building long-term solutions? What protections do we need for essential workers today — and all workers — as we face a changing world of work? What impact will social distancing have on increasingly automated workplaces? Will new technologies introduced during the pandemic improve public health and worker safety or threaten our privacy?

Now is the moment to design a system that allows all workers and their families to achieve financial security. Join us for a discussion on what employers, the public sector, and people across the country can do to build an inclusive future of work.

Watch the full video about creating a workplace of security at The Aspen Institute.