Trauma can affect students greatly, and when this trauma includes the fear of being deported or the fear of a family member being deported, students can have a difficult time performing in school or coming to school at all. Facing a crisis situation makes it tougher for a student to focus, learn and maintain a sense of well-being. And for immigrant students, this trauma can be extremely difficult to deal with.

A high percentage of students deal with trauma, and it's estimated that some 1.8 million undocumented children and youth are living in the United States. That means some 1.8 million undocumented children and youth are subject to some sort of trauma associated with their immigration status, especially under the Trump administration, which has cracked down on immigration and migrants attempting to cross the border.

While this trauma mostly affects undocumented students and their families, schools and administrators have to deal with the aftermath — struggling students, negative accountability numbers, and a disjointed and disconnected school community.

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