Moving the Margins is an incubator program for BIPOC artists to collaborate with the change agents of Jacksonville to create accessible and immersive art installations. They aim to catalyze the community towards action by providing equitable opportunities for BIPOC artists. They also provide artists-in-residence access to gallery spaces to showcase their work. Moving the Margins serves the community by creating a committed, intentional place that is responsive to the variety of lived experiences that encompass Jacksonville’s hidden diversity and that catalyzes tangible, equitable outcomes for its citizens.

As Moving the Margins continues to expand the space for BIPOC artists, they presented in LabStorms at the Feedback+ Summit in Jacksonville to brainstorm ideas for the involvement of the community in social justice conversations. Discussions around community-centered activism and getting feedback from the visitors also formed a major part of the session.

  • Engaging Community in Social Justice Discussions.  Social justice is a very sensitive topic in the Jacksonville community and therefore it has become important to first educate the community followed by a way to approach and create social justice conversations.
  • Turning Discussions into Activism. Participants suggested searching for funding to get influencers around the community to promote the work.
  • Understanding Visitors’ Perceptions. It was suggested that Moving the Margins could utilize videos and images to collect feedback and use the responses to show funders the work and how the community is engaged.

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